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Code of Ethics

 In the name of God
 Tose-e Bazargani Nasr Moein Code of Ethics 

We the employees of Tose-e Bazargani Nasr Moein Company, inspire our commitment as follows that:
  1.  All our acts of behavior are seen by Allah the Supreme, and consider him in all aspects of our actions, and consider this opportunity to serve customer as a divine blessing.
  2. Transferring experiences, knowledge and information necessary for colleagues to advance organizational goals and teamwork process is one of the basic foundations of activities. 
  3. The secrets and documentation of the company and the clients are considered to be as our loan for trustworthy assurance.
  4. Customers are our business partners and we believe that the outcome of the deal with the client should be win / win.
  5. Discipline, dress, timeliness, accuracy and skill in doing things properly are one of the basic principles of our activities. 
  6. Managers and staff always strive to increase their knowledge and skills, improve their attitude and develop their skills.
  7. Honesty in conversation and health in behaviors and respect for the customer and observance of professional ethics in business are the main focus of success in activities.
  8. In trust the priority for the interests of the company to our personal interests and, with the provision of appropriate services, we consider the growth and excellence of the company.
  9. Customers of our organization are considered to be the most valuable and expanded asset of our organization, and we believe the key to success is customer satisfaction based on our services.
  10. Be the forefront of accountability to endeavor and pursue the persistent and pursuit of affairs in order to achieve the desired outcome.
  11. To optimize the utilization of the resources and facilities of the company in accordance with the goals of the organization and to pay attention to the principles of professional activities to promote the company's name. 
  12. We consider coordination and obedience to the business laws of our beloved Iran and promote to protect the environment and society